Sound Engineer


This course requires prior knowledge taught in the Sound Assistant and Sound Technician short course.

Make your entrance to the music industry as a professional sound engineer and music producer!
This advanced course will further develop your production skills and teach you all about industry knowledge and enhanced recording techniques. In the end, you will have established a professional self-image and are ready to enter the music industry!



Lead your acquired expertise and your production skills to excellence! This advanced course is the last step you take before being able to compete within the global music industry. In an interdisciplinary manner, you will learn everything about TV and radio broadcasting standards, reproduction rights and the processes required for commercial releases. Furthermore, the Sound Engineer course takes you through the management of professional recording situations, including the planning, communication, setup, execution and reset of a session. You will enhance your production skills by fine-tuning your mixing and mastering techniques, and by learning about analogue technology and the professional recording of acoustic as well as electronic instruments.
Start establishing a professional self-image, and expand your portfolio as a music producer and sound engineer. This advanced, six-month course requires the knowledge and skills taught during the Sound Technician course.

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October 2021, April 2021

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