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You want to become a sound engineer / music producer? This is where you start!
This basic course teaches you everything about the theoretical and practical aspects required in this field of work. You will acquire all necessary skills to set up a recording session, learn everything about microphone technology, the handling of Pro Tools, different recording techniques and much more!



You want to work as a music producer or sound engineer, but you don’t know where to begin your journey? In this module, you will learn all the practical and theoretical basics to get you started. You will deal with a variety of topics reaching from the theory of acoustic properties, fundamental electronics and physics, to the correct way of working in and maintaining a studio. In addition, you will also encounter the more practical aspects of the work of a sound engineer. For example, did you ever wonder which microphone types there are, and how to select the right microphones for different instruments? This course will give you an extensive insight into different microphone properties, recording studio technology and common recording techniques. Furthermore, the basic mixing principles of Pro Tools are taught, so that in the end you will be able to independently set up and execute a band´s recording session from scratch. This introductory, six-month course is taught entirely online and does not require any previous knowledge or recording experience.

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October 2021, April 2021

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