Music Designer


Master your production skills and make music design your second nature! This advanced course optimizes and elaborates on previous skills such as working with various effects, generating musical patterns and finalizing your mixes.



This course requires previous knowledge of the Beat Designer course!

Time to add the final touch to your music production education! The Music Designer is the follow-up course building on the fundament of the Beat Designer. Your ability to generate and design complex sound structures and mixes will be taken to an advanced level in this module. Develop your mixing and mastering skills and explore your creative potential while working on your unique production style. Edit and manipulate different musical parts to form a completed, harmonious mix. Expand your repertoire of special effects and learn what discerns a great mix from a standard one. This module furthermore teaches you the use of Logic and Komplete, and introduces you to the creation and editing of vocal tracks and remixes. At the time of completing this course, you will be equipped with the expertise to work within a professional, high-quality music production environment.

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October 2021, April 2021

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