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Become fluent in the language of music! When sound, harmony and rhythm come together, a song comes into being. Understanding music is an inevitable skill for a music producer. This introductory course will help you understand the fundamentals of music theory, so you can start arranging your first own compositions and express your ideas.



If we look around us, music is a part of our everyday lives. In order to become a great music producer, understanding the ways music is structured and put together is a very useful, if not crucial skill. Once you understand music and it´s different parts, you will be able to use this knowledge when it comes to music production. This introductory course covers basic music theory, ranging from understanding chords, rhythms, harmony, triads and intervals, to reading and writing complete notations in violin and bass clef. You will learn how exercise your newly gained knowledge on a keyboard and write your first own compositions with the help of common notation programs. This course will help you train your ears, give you a feeling for music and equip you with the necessary skills to give form to your creative ideas. As a basic course, Music Assistant does not require any previous knowledge of music theory or composition.

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October 2021, April 2021

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