Beat Designer


Create and design your own beats and mixes – in any musical genre! The intensive Beat Designer course helps you to internalize the work with different mixing and editing programs. Become proficient in the technological as well as the creative processes of music production.



Dive deep into the world of beats and electronic music design! During this extensive six-month course, you will learn how to arrange and mix your own musical pieces with the help of different programs such as Logic, Massive, Battery and Guitar Rig. Gain insight into the basics of rhythm and grooves, and polish your audio editing skills. Further, you will be introduced to the design of drum sounds and loops, bass, guitar, pad, EDM and lead sounds. Next to samplers, presets and plug-ins, this course will address and help you master important mixing effects such as EQ, compressors, limiters, reverb, delay, distortion, modulation and more. Experiment with different tempos and learn how to make the right adjustments to musical audio and MIDI tracks. The Beat Designer is a standalone course and can be completed without any required previous knowledge. However, a basic understanding of music is helpful for this course.

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October 2021, April 2021

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